This product is owned by Montego Holdings Inc. an event management
software development company.
“For my Yoke-APP is easy and My burden is light”

Matthew 11:28-30

The app is distributed through Apple and Google Apps stores.The
cost is .99 cents per download. All updates will be published through
the app and a newsletter which will be updated every 3 months with
new features, updates to UI (if needed), and integration with other
apps as needed.

Make Your Device Manage
Everything For You

A new and collaborative mobile app to help manage your events correctly with project management features! Manage your worship team, band, events, and projects all in one app! 

This mobile app was built for the following occupations:

Worship Teams
Tour Managers
Event Planners
Corporate Planners
Vendors and others who work in the event space

Why Choose YOKE-APP?

The Yoke app was created to give event planners, worship team leaders, and bands a way to manage events by giving them the flexibility to include other members in the management of an event collaboratively.

Organization Management

Create Events

Assign Tasks


Hotel Management

Music Review
(like and comment)

Budget Management

Set List/Agenda

YOKE-APP is available for all devices

We don’t want to have to hunt everywhere for information, what our set list is, and who is playing at what event this week. We want the i nformation to be included in one area so it all can be seen in one area. We took the top apps we thought that was decent and took all their weaknesses and built an app that will give better clarity for those managing and those who are members. We are not just app developers but musicians who play on worship teams and bands and have also managed events in other capacities.

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We know that you will love this app and the updates we have planned! Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the best mobile app for event management, YOKE-APP!

We plan to bring new features that will keep you coming back for updates in the end we plan to make this product so collaborative and helpful that you will not need another app to manage your events.

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