Create Agenda and Set Lists

Create Agenda and Set Lists

In the bustling world of event planning, it’s the details that breathe life into an event, making it memorable and impactful. With Yoke, we’ve simplified these complexities, offering a visual guide to your event’s blueprint. From structuring a day that flows seamlessly to orchestrating the perfect soundtrack, our features ensure that you’re not just planning an event but crafting an experience. Let’s embark on this visual journey to uncover how Yoke turns every event planner into an event maestro.

At the heart of every successful event is a meticulously planned agenda. In Yoke, our agenda feature acts as the blueprint for your event day, delineating the sequence, timings, and key moments. But that’s not all – the Yoke agenda also assists you in planning all pre-event activities. From important meetings to essential tasks, everything can be charted out, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Whether it’s setting the mood with background tunes for a wedding or spotlighting a live band’s lineup, the setlist feature in Yoke is your musical compass. It’s an essential tool for music-driven events, letting you pre-plan the melodies and harmonies that will resonate with your audience. For bands, it provides a centralized location to decide, practice, and finalize the tracks, ensuring everyone’s in sync. The music can be played directly from the app to give immediate access to any YouTube URL.

Yoke provides an online program of what you plan to do on your event day. Giving you a way to keep your Agenda at your finger tips. Whether its who will open the doors for the event or who will sing at what time, Yoke has you covered. Enhancements coming soon as we use a built in time solution to keep everyone including your audience on schedule at all times!

With Yoke, event planning is not just about logistics—it’s about weaving a memorable experience. By integrating agendas, tasks, meetings, visual tree views, and set lists, we’re ensuring that every event planner has the tools they need, all in one central hub. Dive in and let Yoke guide your next event to perfection!

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