"Yoke" Keeping everyone in step!

Yoke brings a new and exciting way to collaborate on all of your events. We created the “Yoke” app to bring a fresh perspective on event management for Worship Teams. Bands, event planners, and others can also use this APP to manage their events with ease using methods of event structure, not project structure in the palm of your hand. 

YOKE was created from a verse which says to be equally “Yoked” with God and others in the faith (Amos 3:3), which means to be in sync and as one. So, instead of searching over multiple apps for details on your events, Yoke packages all those intimate details in one place and gives you access to members for immediate communication. The Yoke app also helps you manage agendas, tasks, budgets, room assignments, set lists and so much more.

The Yoke app brings a unique app structure that is more intuitive for all the members in your organization and provides simple features for an easy-to-use solution! Take a look at some of the users that can benefit from Yoke:

Vendors and others who may need event driven structure

Why Choose Yoke?

The Yoke app was created to make the process of managing an event easier. The Yoke app providing the abilities below will give you more control over your event to make the creation of events easy and light in management. Look at the features supported on the app:

Montego Holdings Inc., an event management software development company, and owns all the rights to this product. We are in the business of making it “Easy” for Event Planners!

"For my Yoke is easy and my burden is light"

Matthew 11:28-30

The Yoke app is distributed through Apple and Google stores. For free until December 31st and only .99 cents per download after as a one-time fee. You will receive updates published every 3 months. Sign up today for our Yoke Newsletter so you can stay on top of your events, with all the future feature updates and latest news! Amazing UPDATES coming soon!

YOKE-APP is available for all devices

Keeping everyone on the same page is easy with Yoke! No one likes hunting for information on multiple platforms or within different areas of an application. Exposing information saves time and the headache of training someone to use your app.

We took all the top apps available for bands and tour management, researched and tested them all. We then analyzed all the downfalls and designed the Yoke app! We believe the experience we provide with our app will save you time and money!

We have planned some immediate and future updates that will help us surpass any other apps on the market. Without a doubt, the Yoke app will be the premier event management app. It will support many use cases and have integrations with other apps where it makes sense.

Yoke is not your ordinary app, we have experience from being technologists, app developers, musicians, artists, event planners, conference organizers, and tour managers! We plan to give you ease of use which will bring a lighter burden!

April 2024 Enhancements

Communicate with Customers

Vision Pad for Customers Approval

Customer Quotes Process

Show Online Status

Organizer Job Postings

Attendee Event Ratings

Sales & Budget Reporting Feature

Event Reconciliation

Enhanced Refund Process

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We know that you will love the YOKE app and the updates we have planned! Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the best mobile app for event management, YOKE!

We are planning to bring you new features that will keep you coming back for every update! In the end our goal is to make this product so collaborative and helpful that you will not need another app to create and manage your events!

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