Yoke Event Features

Yoke Event Features

Dive deep into the heart of the Yoke app—the event page! It’s not just a space to list event details; it’s your interactive dashboard, illuminating every element of your event, from its inception to its grand finale. Here, every intricacy from event names to mapping locations is seamlessly integrated. Navigate through the information below, and discover the strengths and benefits of Yoke’s powerful event management features:

Manage Events: Take control of your events! Find features to manage your budget, manage team members, assign tasks and so much more all in one App!

Packages: Create service packages that promote you business and cost savings for your customers. Associate them with your events so that you know what your services will consist of at your event!

Customers: Manage your Organizations customer list right from the Yoke App! Associate them to events you create for them and call them back when you need too for future events right within the Yoke App!

Team Notes: Share Notes with other admins of your organization so that while your working with events, notes can be taken to ensure accountability for any new business or actions needed within your organization!

Join Event Requests: We believe in Collaboration! We built Yoke so you could collaboration with other organizations. If you need help on an event use our join feature to work with other organizations on your event. Once they join you can assign tasks and really understand where you are with your event!

Hire Me Requests: As you publicly make events available, Attendees will be able to see your organization page which shows your logo, details about your company and a Hire Me button. They can fill out a form and send you a request for their event needs!

Create Post: Communication is important and as you manage a team Post help get the word out to everyone on your team. This feature makes sure that everyone has eyes on what is important or needed for the event to be successful!

Chat with Members: As communicating to a group is important so is communication from one member to another. Use our chat feature to talk to others who you may need to speak to right away.

Assign Admin Access: If you need to have someone else be a admin on your organization, upgrade their access using the organization options menu!

Edit Org Info: If you need to update your information for the organization or password key, edit your information right from this menu!

Assign Travel to Member: All events are unique and some require travel. Get the information to the members who are traveling within the Yoke App. You don’t have to text or email, the travel information is part of their profile so they can get to it anytime!


Agenda / Set Lists: Craft a dynamic event narrative. Organize your day, align teams, and curate the perfect soundtrack to engage and captivate your audience.

VIP List: Prioritize and manage your most crucial attendees, ensuring they get the bespoke experience they deserve.

Documents: A centralized hub for all essential files—no more sifting through endless folders. Accessibility and organization at your fingertips.

Assign Rooms: Efficient space management ensures every segment of your event has a dedicated spot, optimizing flow and attendee experience.

Tasks & Meetings: Delegate responsibilities with clarity. Know who’s doing what, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Budget: Foresee, allocate, and track expenses. Financial foresight ensures you stay on target without compromise.

Budget Requests: Streamline financial approvals and track expenditures with ease, ensuring transparency and fiscal responsibility.

To-Do List: A surprise element? Miscellaneous needs? The To-Do List is your space add items you need to remember.

Invite Groups: Expand your event’s reach, bringing together diverse groups for enriched interactions and networking opportunities.

Assigned Members: Ensure every team member knows their role, fostering collaborative spirit and event success.

Checked In: Once you have scanned a ticket you will be able to verify who has checked in for your event.

Integrated Map: Event location map to find location with ease using the integrated GPS link to send you on your way to the event on time!

And so much More!

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