Create an Event

Create an Event

Harness the true potential of Yoke through its intuitive event creation process. Whether you’re an event planner by profession or by circumstance, Yoke’s user-friendly form guides you step-by-step. Start by providing essential details like the event name, description, start and end dates, and an accompanying image or logo. Specify the event’s location, and choose whether it’s live, virtual, or hybrid. With just a few taps, your event will seamlessly integrate into your calendar. Dive into this tutorial to discover how effortlessly you can set the stage for your event, and let Yoke empower you to manage it with unparalleled ease!

Kickstart your event planning journey with Yoke! Whether you’re going Live, opting for a Hybrid mix, or setting up a Virtual gathering, Yoke is tailored to fit. Begin by selecting your event type, then effortlessly weave in the essential details: name, location, and even an image to give your event its distinct brand. With just a few taps, watch your event come to life! Now, you’ve unlocked Yoke’s treasure trove of features, ready to elevate your event management experience. Dive in and discover the Yoke advantage!

After crafting your unique event with Yoke, behold its immediate presence on your event calendar! Vibrantly highlighted dates will catch your eye, signaling the days of your upcoming gatherings. Beneath the calendar, a comprehensive list of all your events awaits. Simply click on an event for a deeper dive into its details and effortlessly navigate through Yoke’s suite of management features. Dive into the world of organization and efficiency, all thanks to Yoke!

Once your event is set, simply click on its entry from the calendar page to unveil the Event Details realm. This dedicated space not only paints a vivid picture of what your event encompasses but also houses all the nitty-gritty specifics. Want to make tweaks? The pencil icon at the top invites you for easy edits. Need to scrap the plan? The trash can icon stands ready. Plus, seamlessly integrate the event into your mobile calendar or assign members as the need arises. Dive deep into every facet of your event, all from this central hub on Yoke!

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