Assign Members to Events

Assign Members to Events

Invite your members to download Yoke. Keep members of your organization close by adding them to events they need to be a part of. At this point assign them tasks and other assignments within the app so they can be accountable to perform duties. This helps with collaboration and gives transparency to the event planner on what is being completed. Members can also post and chat once they are connected to the organization. 

Manage your events from the Organization Menu.

Select the event you would like to manage. At the top of the screen select Assign Members.

Select the members you would like to add to the event. Members are people who will work on the event with you so you can assign them tasks and keep up with everyones progress.

As an Admin you can also upgrade access to Yoke making them admins on the app. To do this, go to the Org Menu and click add Assign Admin Access.

Select who you would like to add as an admin to help out with managing the Yoke a

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