Create a Budget Request

Create a Budget Request

As a member you may need to be redeemed for items you purchased. Yoke makes this easy by giving members a way to add budget requests. As an admin you will be able to see the request and approve or deny the request. If approved the amount requested is taken from your budget. You will be able to see by the pie chart how much you have spent out of your budget!

To create a budget request, click on Budget Request button on the Event Detail Menu.

Click the + button to create a Budget Request.

Enter in some of the details about your request. Name of the Item, Details about the item and cost. Include a picture or receipt for the item as you can upload for viewing.

Once you have completed the request, the admin will see the new request and has the option to deny or approve the request.

If approved, the item will be reduced from the current budget automatically and listed under approved requests.

Admins can also use this to manage other items that may not be integrated within the Yoke app. This will give them tools to manage those things that are outside of the Yoke app within the budget tools.

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