Event Sales and Ticketing

Event Sales and Ticketing

Event Sales and Ticketing with Yoke is easy! We make this process simple and secure by giving organizers the ability to create events and attendees to search events by name, zip code, city or type of event. Attendees can purchase tickets to any event that is publicly available. If at organizers makes the event private, they will email the attendees themselves with a keycode to attend the event. 

Tickets can be FREE or have a price associated with the purchase. When a ticket is free the attendee can grab tickets during the purchase without having to pay for the seats. Attendees can also select pay at the door for seating as well. This process reserves their seats, but they will have to pay at the door. Then the attendee can also buy tickets using our credit card processing which is $1 per ticket additional for each ticket purchase and a swiping fee of 3.2%. The first purchase by the Attendee they will get a refund of .99 which then their ticket fee 0!

Once the attendee purchases their tickets, they are given a QRP ticket to the event which is located in their Tickets menu on the Yoke App. When they get to the door the Admins of the Event will scan their ticket so they can enter the event. The ticket will show how many tickets they purchased and who the person was that purchased them. Once they are accepted their name will come up on the Attendee list. This will help the line to keep on moving unless there are other security measures in place!

Organizers will be paid every 3 days for tickets that have been sold less fees and credit card percentage fees. 

On you Org Menu click on Manage Events. This screen you will see a + sign to create an event.

Fill out the form and all the details needed about your event. Include ticket price, VIP Ticket amounts and mark your event public or private.

Once you create your event you will see the Event Details screen. This screen give you all you need to know about the event and some buttons to manage the event Team Members.

The Event Detail screen is the attendee event details screen. This gives the attendee all the information they need to book a ticket to an event.

The ticket screen is what the attendee will see once they purchase their tickets to the event. The QRP Code will give them access to the event. You as the organizer will scan the code when they get to the door at the event. 

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